Awful Interview Questions
Job Interviews

Awful Interview Questions with Emily & Jill

Yesterday I was reading a traumatizing article about weird interview questions. I hate weird interview questions. It's like they're specifically designed to make my eyes roll back in my head. “Employers are asking tough interview questions to test a job candidate’s critical thinking skills, see how they problem solve on the spot, and gauge how they approach difficult situations,” said Susan Underwood…
Why I Workout Before I Work | The Most Important Productivity Hack I Know | PANTSUITS Blog

Why I Work Out Before I Work

Yesterday, Jill sent me a Facebook message just before noon to say "morning friend!" "THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE," I responded, "I NEED HELP." My crisis? It was 11:56 am and I was lying in bed in my underwear, playing games on my phone. I desperately needed her to shame me into putting on some clothes and doing something productive with…
Does Parenting Belong on Your Resume? | PANTSUITS Blog

Does Parenting Belong on Your Resume?

Like a lot of young parents, I'm fairly immersed in online communities for parents. From my pregnancy message boards where I talk to other people expecting new babies in June, to Facebook groups for cloth diapering, attachment parenting, babywearing...I really do go out of my way to find people who are going through the same kinds of experiences and challenges…
5 Lazy Blog Posts

5 Lazy Blog Posts for Your Corporate Blog

If you're under 35 and work in an office, you've probably been asked to contribute to a corporate blog. If you haven't, you probably run the corporate blog. Such is the life of a millennial. But it's the new year, and you're all fat from Christmas and no one is listening because they're all fat from Christmas and that's all they…
3 New Years Money Resolutions Worth Making | PANTSUITS Blog

2016 Money Resolutions Worth Making

I'll admit, I'm kind of "over" new years resolutions. Big lifestyle changes tend to come at "tipping point" moments for people, something I've definitely experienced before, where you're just DONE with your own bullshit and need to make a big change like, yesterday. The calendar rolling over to a new year is more of an outside, societal pressure to make…
5 Ways you suck at stress

5 Ways You Suck at Dealing with Stress

I don't deal with stress well. Pressure I can do. Pressure and I are friends. But give me an overloaded life plate and I go down hard. People don't typically see me flailing because I keep the balls in the air at work and important volunteer opportunities, but those people don't know that: My car hasn't been registered for almost six…
How not to freeze in your cold office | PANTSUITS Blog

How not to freeze in your office this winter

No, you're not crazy. Chances are, your office is actually way too cold. A study that came out earlier this year confirmed what you already, deep in your heart, knew: office buildings are heated based on models that include metabolic rate of inhabitants as a major variable, and they are based on a man's metabolic rate, which is up to…
Awesome Free Resources for Boosting your Brain and Learning New Skills | PANTSUITS Blog

The Best Free Web Resources to Boost your Brain Power

It’s easy to fall into the trap of dumbing down with age. Once you’re out of school for good, learning and growing and exercising your mind can become less of a priority in your life, and it’s easy to feel like you’re not as smart as you were when you were 18. Of course it’s silly to ever stop learning,…
women in trades

Are You a Jack of All Trades? Consider a Career in the Trades.

Today's post is a feature from Pantsuits guest contributor Morgana; tradeswoman, lady about town and friend of the blog.  I’ve always been pretty terribly indecisive and a commitment-phobe. Which are bad. I’m also a learning junkie, which could be good? Here in Canada if you come from a particular background and your parents make a reasonable amount of money, and you have a decent…
STOP making this huge mistake when working from home | PANTSUITS Blog

Work From Home, but Only for Profit

I use Pinterest a lot. My home feed these days is split about half and half between my friends’ posts and others’ posts that Pinterest thought I might like based on my interests. Because I enjoy working from home and making money, I get lots of suggestions about ways to make money from home. And most of them are terrible.…