Some people find music distracting, but I work in an open office and it’s a necessary part of life for me. When there are dozens of conversations and clacking keyboards to drown out, music can help you pull it together and finish that report. Research seems to confirm music helps you focus, but only if you like it.

My favourite pieces to listen to when I’m trying to concentrate have two things in common: a fairly even tempo and thematic elements that make me feel like James Bond. Here are a few of the best ones.

#1 – You Know My Name – Chris Cornell

If you’re going to feel like James Bond, why not start with a James Bond theme song? Crank this and feel like a badass while you churn out some mindless data entry.

Get You Know My Name – Chris Cornell on iTunes

#2 – Saint Motel – Benny Goodman

This 70s vibe song is great for those times when I want to work, but also feel like I’m at a dance party, but also get things done.

Get Saint Motel – Benny Goodman on iTunes

#3  Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

There is no universe in which you can be less than 150% more productive listening to what I assume is Daft Punk’s ode to the assembly line.

Get Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger on iTunes

#4 Imitation Game Soundtrack – Alan Turing’s Legacy

If you find lyrics too distracting, this powerful theme can inspire you without them. You’ve probably heard it before in commercials, but the original piece is both strong and beautiful.

Get Alan Turing’s Legacy on iTunes

#5 – Rainy Mood

rainy mood

Alright, this is a cheat, but Rainy Mood just has the best rainstorm track I’ve ever heard. If you have a headache and you just can’t even, Rainy Mood is your jam.

Get the Rainy Mood app on iTunes

What do you listen to to focus?