If you’re under 35 and work in an office, you’ve probably been asked to contribute to a corporate blog. If you haven’t, you probably run the corporate blog. Such is the life of a millennial.

But it’s the new year, and you’re all fat from Christmas and no one is listening because they’re all fat from Christmas and that’s all they can think about. Everyone’s mind is turning to treadmills and resolutions. It’s the perfect time to crank out a completely lazy, but still helpful blog post to feed your subscribers.

Here are five quick and dirty blog post formats for the first week of the new year:

1) Top ____ of 2015

Top Marketing Posts of 2015. Top Burgers of 2015. Whatever your subject, find what moved you over the past year and link to it. Helpful! Lazy.

2) Top Things to Look Forward to in 2016

This is exactly the same idea as above, but substitute trends you are expecting to take off the new year. Do not do what I did this morning when my coworker remarked on the first Monday of the new year and I said “Just 51 more to go!” Think positive.

3) Counterpoint!

This is a fun game that combines trading on the notability of others with giving yourself a built in subject. Find a recent blog post or article and provide a counterpoint to it. Mix in some quotes from your source with your own perspective, industry expertise and research. This post format is great for when you have time to write something substantial but are short on ideas. (It’ll probably even spark some inspiration for future posts!)

4) Quote Roundup

Round up 5-6 quotes relating to your subject that you think will stand the test of time. This is a bit of a spinoff of the Top Things idea, but you’re collecting the vital insights for your reader. Because the time for long reads is over, we’re back at work!

5) Lazy Listicle 

We all know the beautiful listicle has saved our asses on multiple occasions, sometimes on this very blog. The human brain absorbs things best in threes, fives and sevens. This week, get away from “5 Ways” and “5 Things” and devote yourself to the number three. Except in this Cracked article about memory hacks, because this shit is totally useful. Maybe I can finally remember more than seven things!