Biz Besties is a collaboration between Jill Scheyk and Emily MacKenzie, where we discuss the daily adventures of ambitious young(ish) women in the workforce.  While we’re not magazine-article-worthy shining success stories of ladies in business (yet!), we’re happy to dish on our journey to get there. We’ve survived maniac bosses, coworkers from hell, brushes with Tupperware salesmanship, and countless awkward Christmas parties, and we’re here to tell the tale.

Jill is an Edmonton-based marketing professional and all-around badass. She writes about feminism, the art of moving up, and how to deal with that one person in your office. You know the one.

Emily is a mom of two and holder of a million contract jobs. She writes about organization, parenting-whilst-working, and freelancing for profit and profit. (Not a typo.)