If there are people who don’t need deep trance meditation YouTube videos to fall asleep, I don’t know them. There’s so much going on in my head all the time. Deadlines I’m about to miss, projects I wish I had more time for.

There are approximately 6 billion remedies for the stress, anxiety and the internal screaming which grip you almost immediately upon becoming a business owner. (Or finding yourself a business owner, as it were.) We’ve even published some here.

But for all the calming mantras and meditative recordings of oceans, there’s a certain level of fear that never leaves you when you’re an entrepreneur.

After a few months or a year, you’ll get over the perpetual terror of not making the rent. What will never leave is the sense that you can’t let this thing, this mewling, slimy, baby business, out of your sight for all eternity.

And that’s okay.

Lean into that feeling. I know it flies in the face of every whale soundtrack you’ve burned through on Spotify, but hear me out.

After a while, you’ll realize you don’t want that fear to go. You want to feel needed. You want this fledgling thing to take your shape. To be what you dreamed. That’s why you get out of bed every day, even though there’s no one to answer to.

You need that fear. It motivates you. And after months and years go by, it’s not even fear at all – it’s your reason for being in business.

Why do you do this? To answer the feeling in your gut that says you could do this better and say yes. Yes, I can.